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Compiled by: Dalibor Perković


Where: Zagreb
last full weekend in April
SFeraKon 2006:
21-23 April
Organised by: SFera
Typical attendance:

The oldest Croatian SF convention. The first convention called “SFeraKon” was held in 1983, but SFera had been organizing similar events – officially and unofficially – since it was formed in 1976. In 1986 it hosted a Eurocon with Sam Lundwall as a Guest of Honour. Zagreb also hosted, on one occasion or another, guests such as Martin Easterbrook, Gay Gavriel Kay, Robert Silverberg and Karen Haber, Walter Jon Williams, Lois McMaster Bujold, George R. R. Martin, Ken MacLeod and this year’s Michael Iwoleit, writer, editor and translator from Germany. In the last ten years SFeraKon visitors who attend full three days also get annual collection of Croatian SF stories included in their membership fee. This convention is more inclined towards the “serious” type of programme: lectures, panels, presentations and a yearly SFERA Award ceremony for best Croatian SF. However, there are also quizzes and games for those with a more relaxed approach to SF. SFeraKon is also renowned for its film programme, where people can see up to 20 films ranging from obscure and bizarre to the non-commercial works of art, usually hard to reach the audience.


Where: Pazin, Istria
When: two weeks before Easter
Organised by:
Typical attendance: 200-300 and growing

The first Istrakon was held in 2000 as a part of “Jules Verne days”. Today it is an independent convention whose popularity among the Croatian fans is rising rapidly. Istrakon has strong local elements. Although there are many lectures and panels about SF and F, Istrakon’s young team of organizers also likes to keep their guests entertained by an abundance of games, shows and quizzes.


Where: Osijek
early November
Organised by:
Typical attendance:

Over the years Essekon (called after the old Hungarian name for Osijek – Essek) is in constant danger of turning into a gaming convention, but the organisers have been resisting it so far so that there is always some literary SF programme included.


Where: Rijeka
early October
RiKon 2005:
7-9 October
Organised by:
3. Zmaj
Typical attendance: 50-100

This convention had the misfortune that the club organising it fell apart last year, so there was no RiKon 2004. However, a newly formed club seems to have much enthusiasm and a determined leadership so they will most probably succeed in having a good convention with a lot of programme.


Where: Kutina
Organised by:
Typical attendance:
up to 50

Kutikon had its brightest days during the mid-90s. Today, they have some organisational problems but there may always be some pleasant surprises.

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