English Issues

Parsek is PARadoksical –  SEKular bulletin of the SFera Science Fiction Society. It is published quarterly and sometimes elsewhen, and you can read it in a dead tree format or as a pdf file.

Every now and then, some of us end up on a non-Croatian convention. And sometimes, we bring with us issue of Parsek in English language. These issues contain selected stories of Croatian authors translated in English, news from the Croatian fandom and sometimes even a treat; a comic, a song, an answer to the Question of the Life, Universe and Everything…

We also accept international submissions for  Croatian issues (up to 2000 words), but please note that we are not a paying market. At the moment, we accept stories in English and Italian and we will translate them into Croatian for you.

Please browse our English issues archive, or go to the main Archive page for complete list of issues (new issues are up to date, but we are still archiving old ones)

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